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Perfect Pizza Pie


1 liter of flour: 50% type 00 and 50% Seminola/Durum.

25 grams of active yeast.

325 cl water - or what makes your dough firm and elastic (dependent on air moisture, flour, temperature).

4 tea spoons of salt

Mix the flour in a bowl.

Mix the water and the yeast + a pinch of salt. more salt will come later.

make a hole in the flour and pour in the water.

Stir the water with a fork from the middle and slowly incorporate the flour. Switch to hand kneading when the dough gets too sticky.

Most likely, the water won't be enough - add water very little by little until you have an elastic but just the side of from sticky to non-sticking dough.

The jury is still out on the amount of kneading needed, but knead it for a couple of minutes. I've done from almost zero to ten minutes, all with good results.

Rest dough in bowl with a cloth cover (or cling film) for about 4 hours or until about double size.

Slam the air out of the dough, add the rest of the salt and knead it in. Separate into 3 balls and rest covered on a board or table for an hour.

Heat up your oven and put a baking tray on the bottom. Let it rest on the bottom, not hanging. Put it right on the bottom, this is important. Do not use a pizza stone, baking paper or anything.

Set oven to max, mine goes to 300 C. Let it heat for about 30-45 minutes, it needs to get HOT!

While the oven is heating you can design your pizza. Put a good generous amount of semolina flour on a chopping board or table - semolina is perfect because it lets your pizza pie slide right off the board into the oven, since its small granules. You dont need to throw the pizza or do anything fancy! Just shape that sucker out with your finger tips and perhaps stretch it slightly, it is such a simple operation. Real men never throw pizza, we aren't clowns or jugglers here.

Slide the pizza unto the baking tray and bake it for about 10 minutes or until the crust is brown and sounds hard and hollow when you tap it. I promise perfect crunchy thin crust pizza that tastes better than anything you ever had in a pizza joint. And so cheap and simple to make. After a few times, it becomes second nature and you'll never buy pizza again.
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Re: Perfect Pizza Pie

Made some pizzas today, one to eat and the others I'm freezing (will see how well that goes)

Didn't have any Seminola, just used flour.

Gas oven for me, so gas mark 7, plonked on the pizza to a hot baking tray and took about 12 minutes.

Couldn't be bothered to make a tomato sauce so just tomato puree, tomato sauce and dried oregano for my base. Tomato slices, mozzarella clumps, bit of cheddar cheese, some chorizo slices cut up and a few bits of fresh basil. Then I fancied a fried egg so that went on the top.

Pizza base was very nice, crusty on the edge and bottom and soft on the inside. Yum yum.

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